Sinew Green Coffee for Weight Management

Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans are made from a specific category of beans, all natural herbs, spices , seeds and other plants. High in antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin C and vitamin B. It constitutes of insoluble fibre to speed metabolic processes and clean the lower bowel of harmful accumulation. 

Works skeptically, however, largely to enhance immunity and resistance power along with a strong gut. It restores the immune system to optimal function by eliminating toxic, harmful build up and making it feasible for the absorption of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants in the lower intestinal area. 

It even aids in detoxification of your colon through our proprietary formula which comprises of 100% natural made further strengthens the belief of the customer.
Sinew green coffee bean extract, has proven to be weight management supplement and appetite suppressant. It is great way to kick start your weight management goals and lifestyle changes. Ready to abandon cravings and overeating to the curb- you can certainly feel full and content after eating even a small meal, get that extra boost you need to get your weight management into high gear, start seeing the inches and pounds shed off today.

Sinew green coffee is the best product -the truth is that not all green coffee supplements are created equally, if you have been trying other weight management products and haven't gotten the result you want, get the best product and the best price today.

Vegetarian. Only pure ingredients , zero fillers, zero binders, zero artificial ingredients and made in a FDA inspected and registered facility.

800 mg of pure green coffee bean extract beans down that fall cells at the source, it is the most high quality on the market.Our formula burns both sugar and fat and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream-contains less than 1 percent caffeine (equivalent to 1/10 of a cup of coffee)

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener for Curly Hair

Apalus Hair straightener brush is designed for easy hair caring. It is a technology-breaking product with innovation. 

3 in 1 function: 

Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager 

The Apalus hair straightener brush gives quick professional result of silky straight hair in minutes that you dreamed of, allows you get ready quickly for going out in rush morning hours, instead of wrestling with the blow dryers day after day. 

This hairbrush for straightening hair leaves your hair silky, straight and smooth from the very first stroke. It's heat up to 365℉ (180℃) in a minute, max 450℉ (230℃) , auto keep constant temperature at 365℉(180℃), your hair will be basically settled in 8-10 seconds. It emits rich negative ions while working, to moisturizing and hydrating care your hair, helps straighten hair instantly while leaving behind a healthy shine. 

3 Temperature setting guide: 

Auto constant temperature at 365℉ for delicate colored fine hair; 

Customized set 410℉ for natural texture hair; 
Customized set 450℉ for thick or wavy hair; 
Centigrade to Fahrenheit convert: press "+""-"at same time 

US safety Plug,Short-Circuit Protection, Leakage Protection, Auto shut-off protection if NOT IN USE for 60 minutes. Dual voltage operation support: 110V~240V,Travel International use: need an extra international power plug adapter 

Helpful Hair care tips: use Moroccan oil or Agam essential oil hair treatment (Not Included with the package) with Apalus Hair straightener brush to message your hair will improve Frizzy Dry Unmanageable hair effectively. 

Try this Apalus Hair straightener brush today, and be assured of smoother, shinier hair that will win you dozens of compliments!

This product really does work! My daughter has VERY CURLY hair. I used this brush to see if it would straighten it, and it did a good job. All I did was put her hair into sections, apply a light oil, and brushed each section just like I would with a regular brush. I have used a flat iron on her head before and using this product is a much better experience.

This is why I prefer this over a flat iron:

-When I used the flat iron, I had to use a brush with it which took more time and my daughter would become very impatient. With this, I'm brushing her hair as it is being straightened, so there is no need for one.

-It doesn't give off that awful burning smell that flat irons sometimes give off as if it is burning you hair away.

-It doesn't make my daughter's hair "stick straight". When I would use a flat iron, it would create a type of "stiffness" in her hair with no volume. Because of the way that this product is made, It make her hair look more "flowy" and "light weight".

-NO CREASES LEFT IN HAIR! Because of the "box shape" of flat irons, the high heat that my daughter's hair requires and having to go somewhat slowly down each section of hair, lots of flat irons would leave creases throughout her hair. This product left no creases in her hair.

On the left side, you will see my daughter's natural and very curly hair. On the right, I used the hair brush straightener. I give this product two thumbs up!

As this product does work very well to straighten hair, I have noticed a change in my daughter's hair as to how straight her hair stays after straightening it with this brush now. I was conditioning her hair with a good "protein conditioner" when I first started using this product and her hair would stay straighten at least two days. After switching her to a more moisturizing conditioner, I noticed that her hair did not stay as straightened. 

Her hair began to go back curly about 10 hrs later. So, as this product does straighten well, I would test it out with a few conditioners before trying to wear your hair straight for a couple days or only use this product if you're looking for a quick way to straighten your hair for only the day or if you don't mind going back and lightly re-straightening it everyday. Hope this helps!

I received this product for a honest evaluation and review.

Best Koi Fish Food

Having a pet is great. Apart from the fact that you feel like you have someone around, they can be so adorable. Of course, you have a lot of options. You can be a cat person or a dog person. But, at the end of the day, everyone wants to be a pet fish person. Having a pet Koi fish comes with a lot of advantages. Think of all the fuss you don't have to deal with if you have just a pet fish.
You don't need to walk it, to wash it and you don't have any trouble leaving it in its pond even for a couple of days. The most important thing when it comes to Koi fish is feeding them. You must know the food that the fish needs and of course it's feeding habits.
Koi Fish Eating Habits
Having Koi can be a little demanding when it comes to its eating habits. To begin with, you must know that it is a breed of fish that needs a lot of food. Therefore, you need to make sure to feed it regularly and properly. Koi fish tend to eat whatever they find and hence it is quite possible that they can be overfed.
Consciously or sometimes unconsciously, some people tend to over feed their fish. But actually, such a habit is not good for the Koi health. Once they are overfed, your fish's life may be endangered. This actually happens because the fish produces more waste than average and therefore the quality of the water it lives in starts to deteriorate.
Experts say that people should feed their fish approximately three times per day or even less. Depending also on the water temperature, you can more or less feed your fish once a day when the water is cool. On the contrary, when the water is warm, it is suggested that you feed your fish two to three times per day.
Best Koi Fish Food Suggestions
The food you will choose for your fish needs to be based on its unique requirements. It should primarily be stressed that Koi are omnivorous. That means that they can consume anything, from plants to worms. Therefore, its nutrition must include proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. Such nutritional elements can be found in the following foods.
Pellet fish food
Pellet fish food can be consumed by Koi fish. But, make sure it contains all the necessary elements that were mentioned above.
Color enhancing foods
You can use color enhancing foods for your fish. These foods have grown to be very popular and are recommended because they have a positive effect on Koi fish color. Let us not forget that such food additives must be combined with nutritional benefits.
Supplementary Foods
You can also provide your fish with supplementary foods. The first supplementary suggestion to use as the best Koi fish food is algae. Koi carp have a natural tendency to feed on algae. Therefore, your Koi will not need to get accustomed to it in order to keep consuming it.
The same though does not apply for homemade supplementary Koi fish food. Such food which can be made at home is quite nutritional and beneficial for your pet fish, but the fish must get accustomed to it first.
A word of Advice:
Lastly, make sure that the fish tank's water is clear enough since this can affect the overall nutrition of the fish food. Koi fish feeds on minerals which are absorbed by the water surrounding it. Therefore, the clearer the water the healthier the fish would be.
Koi fish are one of the best - if not the best - options to go with as far as pet fish are concerned. They are easily adjustable, much more resistant than other fish and their broad eating habits are convenient for the owner.
You just need to keep in mind a few feeding requirements for Koi fish and your pet can surely blossom. Koi are definitely a delight for their owner due to their vivid colors. But at the end of it all, you will need to at least invest a little money on getting quality food for the wellbeing of your Koi fish.
For more information be sure to visit
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Exotic Green 3 Layer Indoor Bamboo Plant for Wealth

According to Feng Shui, this Exotic Green Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer Natural Plant is considered among one of the best choices to be kept indoor for good luck and prosperity. As it does not require any direct sunlight, this plant can be kept anywhere inside the office or house. Our high quality Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer Natural Plant is rated grade A by the plant industry.

Exotic Green Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer Natural Plant is considered amongst one of the best plant to be kept indoors for good luck and prosperity. As it does not require any direct sunlight, it can be kept anywhere inside the office and house. This plant is grown in a square white transparent glass container that is giving an exquisite look to the natural bamboo plant.

Kept can be in offices and homes, Made with high quality bamboo.

Made by best professional growers, , Does not require sunlight

Pot Material: Glass

Pot Colour: Glass

Pot Size: 6x10cm

Pot height: 20cm

Caring Instruction: 

Change the water in the pot twice every week and make sure to use only fresh or RO water. Keep it completely indoors and away from any amount of direct sunlight.

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Reason of Celebrating Diwali by Hindus

Here is the reason of celebrating Diwali. It is celebrated on Amavasya or no moon day in the Hindu month of Karthikai which falls in the October to November time period. It is a five day mega fest marked by many rituals and festivities. It is a custom to spruce up the house, buy new clothing and jewelry, gift sweets and dry fruits and exchange gifts for Diwali. 
There are a lot of new products in the market and there is no dearth of products to choose from. However, instead of giving any tangible gift, it might be a great idea to give a gift card. A lot of companies also issue festival related gift vouchers these days. It is a great time of happiness which is marked by the aroma of rich food and fragrances of various chandan, agarbatti and dhoop used in the special pujas. 
Of course, fire-crackers play a dominant role in Diwali celebrations as well. Without them, Diwali is not complete. Lighting up every nook and corner of the house and its surrounding areas with diyas, candles and,electric bulbs creates a propitious and bright ambience. Diwali is believed to dawn upon us the light of knowledge and save us from the darkness of ignorance.
Diwali has been celebrated for hundreds of years and is the biggest festival of Hindus all over the world. The story or myth behind Diwali differs from region to region. Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Maryada purushottam Ramto Ayodhya, after a 14 year long exile, along with his wife and brother. His victory over Ravana is considered to be an endorsement of the belief that in the end, good always triumphs over evil. It symbolizes the transcendence of light over darkness. 
Lakshmi puja is also very important during Diwali. Homes are cleaned and sanitized to please the 'goddess of wealth'. It is at the center of Diwali celebrations. People pray and do their best to welcome Lakshmi so that she can shower prosperity and joy on them throughout the year. Hindu business community sees Diwali as the beginning of their New Year and it is traditionally thought to be a good day to start new account books. Yet, others believe Diwali to be a celebration of the marriage of Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu. In Bengal, Diwali is celebrated by worshiping the goddess Kali, who gives strength and power to people to fight against injustice. It is also important to worship Ganesha, the elephant god, during this time. 
Another story related to Diwali talks about the story of Lord Vishnu and King Bali. Bali was defeated and by Vishnu and banished to hell. Nevertheless,Bali was permitted by Vishnu to come to earth once a year and spread his wisdom. According to mythical tradition, on Kartika Shudda Padyami, Bali comes to earth to eliminate darkness and ignorance. Diwali is the festival of wealth, prosperity, health, knowledge and goodness. Diwali is also seen as a harvest festival and rituals offer thanks to mother-nature in order to acknowledge life and its opulence.
The first day of Diwali is marked by Dhanteras. It is the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. On this day it is an age-old tradition to clean and paint homes and work places. Homes are decorated with delicate rangoli designs in bright colours towelcome friends and family. Most householders buy utensils or jewelry on this day as a custom. TheSecond Day of Diwali is known as Narak-Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali. The day commemorates the triumph of Lord Krishna over the demon Narakasura, the demon of filth. It is on this day that mankind became free from his reign of fear. Badi Diwali falls on Amavasya, the third Dayof Diwali gaieties and is and is actually the main or most important day of celebrations. It is the day of Lakshmi puja. 
The doorways to all homes are lit on this night and adorned with beautiful things to greet goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of wealth and opulence. According to myth, Lakshmi refuses to visit unkempt homes and, therefore, everyone tries to clean up and roll the welcome mat for her. Merchants perform Chopda Pujan in Gujarat on this day to have a profitable year. The fourth day, a vanquished Bali retreated to patala loka and took charge of his new role as a king. 
This day is devoted to the puja of Govardhan Parvat also which is thought to be a protector of people from heavy rains. On the last day, Bhai Dooj is celebrated as recognition of the love between brothers and sisters. It is also referred to as Yama Dvitiya. Therefore, Diwali is marked by lighting of lamps, Lakshmi puja, eating of sweets, bursting of fire crackers, buying new clothes, meeting with people and so on. People give greeting cards and sweets to each other to show their sentiments. The day concludes with a grand display of fireworks.
All the rituals of Diwali have some religious or cultural significance. The lights shine and sparkle and the people thank the gods for bestowing health, wealth, knowledge, peace and prosperity upon them. Again, the firecrackers demonstrate the joy that fills the heart of people who are full of life and hope for a wonderful year ahead! Share the mood of Diwali with great gifts and genuine affection-if you do not have time to shop for somebody, you can always buy them a gift certificate online! Happy Diwali.
Buy gift cards from Gitanjali Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Central, Shoppers' Stop and other brands that stock beautiful objects of art and dolls. Your thoughtful gifts will bring much joy to your family, especially if you buy these gift cards or gift vouchers ahead of the Dussehra festival!

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Change Your Words, Change Your World

Image Credit: taraleehoover
A book of transformation and guidance that cheers the spirit and awakens a sense of personal responsibility. We use words every day to communicate, to express our feelings and thoughts, but we often forget how powerful they can be and how important it is to choose them with care if we wish to attract love, happiness and success.

With honesty and warmth, Andrea Gardner shares her own ups and downs on her journey to changing her words and her world, and provides the inspiration and tools that you need to find your own true purpose and transform your life to match your dreams. From attracting prosperity and improving your relationships, to finding your true purpose and serving the world, Andrea touches on a wide variety of themes, and helps you laugh at your failings with love, and then pick yourself up and carry on to the wonderful life that you truly deserve. This is a light and entertaining read, but it contains a very powerful message that may very well change your world for good.

Andrea Gardner, the author of this book, not only changed my words, she changed my life. The book is filled with inspirational words, and Andrea's personal journey is a delight to read. But the inspiration comes from within, not from her words. If you want to experience the truth of this statement,and the power of this book, you must watch the amazing video that was created by Andrea and her husband. In less than 90 seconds it will open your heart and make you shed a tear. As of this writing, over 13 million people agree, because "The Power of Words" went viral. Just go to youtube or do an internet search for the "The Power of Words" and you'll find it.

Then, when you watch it, I want you to observe your inner feelings. It will make you feel sadness and joy, and her book will do the same. It will take you on a spiritual journey and it is based on the premise that our thoughts and words create our reality, a premise that our neuroscientific research confirms and which I write about in Words Can Change Your Brain: 12 Conversation Strategies to Build Trust, Resolve Conflict, and Increase Intimacy. Andrea's book, Change Your Words, Change Your World, is filled with wisdom and illustrated with examples from science, history and the author's own life. It's honest and revealing, filled with positivity and love. 

These writings has help me find the answer to a great many distresses in my life. I thought at first it was just some hippie wannabe trying to pick up a couple of bucks by a bunch of geriatrics and remnants from the "time of enlightenment". Couldn't have been more wrong. Several years of anger management and broken knuckles and this young lady sticks her face into my world. Can you imagine that. 

I actually threw the book away. As I was going to set the trash out I noticed that book just lying their...staring at me. Poor thing, I decided to give it another chance. That move changed my world. A must read for all you old dudes and vets that think the world has gone by you. Hang on because, my sisters and brothers, just like all the shoulders of the giants we stand on, you are the wonderful part of it.

Once I saw the video Change your Words, Change your World on YouTube (purplefeather)I had to follow the link to see just who was behind such and inspiration. I'm an advocate for the poor and I constantly think about how to use the right words to tell the story. The video and the book helped me do both. Actually,I thought the book was going to be more about copy-writing, but it was more about the impact that words can have on our lives, work, even health. While I was looking for something else I was still delighted with the book. It was very inspirational in that it helped me to see that words cause a reaction all around us and inside of us.

If you work in an industry where you are using words to communicate a message; like most people do, this is a good book to have as a part of your resource collection. It's one perspective on the written and spoken word.

We all face troubles and challenges throughout our lives, and there are times when we could use some good, common-sense advice to help us to negotiate our ways successfully. Could the answer be simply that we need to "Change Our Words"?

In the introduction to Change Your Words; Change your World, Andrea Gardner advises that "when troubles show up in our lives it's a call to action: an opportunity to go within to the `heart of the matter' and listen to our inner wisdom." Throughout the entire book, Gardner shares strategies to get to "the heart of the matter", significantly transform our lives, find "our purpose", and make positive changes in our lives.

The opening chapter begins with a quote by Oprah Winfrey: "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." This quote underscores Gardner's advice to "Listen to your body" to rebalance the energy within. Her personal stories of her "tree of knowledge", her economic hardships, and her personal journey seeking betterment reinforce the advice that she lives personally, as well as dispenses. The power of the mind is recognized as a powerful healing option for many health challenges.

In keeping with the tenor of many self-help books, Gardner pays tribute to the power of creative visualization in the pursuit of success. She adds that "We have the power to shape our reality using our thoughts, words, and deeds." We readers are encouraged to use positive affirmations, forgiveness, and an awareness of the universe as we hope to "Appreciate now (the present) to change the future."

To attract prosperity, we are advised to "Appreciate (our) true value", expect success, avoid stress, and nourish our "body, mind, and spirit". Gardner concludes with this advice: "The potency of your highest thought, the strength of your strongest belief, the balm of your softest word and the truth of your most honourable action can shift everyone's experience of life on this planet. And it's the little kindnesses that matter most."

If we wish to transform our lives completely, to improve our perspectives, or simply to gain insights into the way we conduct our own lives, then we should read this delightful book. Indeed, we may just find that we have decided to "Change Our Words" to "Change Our Worlds."

Andrea Gardner is a qualified Heal Your Life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. Her company Purplefeather specialises in authentic communication and has opened the hearts and minds of people and organisations throughout the world with its viral video 'The Power of Words'. Andrea lives in a Scottish castle and divides her time between writing and delivering seminars and workshops. 

Top 5 Remedies for Curing Asthma

Image Source: India Times
Most people do not even realize that asthma can be life-threatening. Despite the fact that there are more conventional treatments available than ever before, the death rate from asthma has more than doubled since 1980. Now more than ever asthma sufferers are turning to natural asthma remedies for asthma relief.
Natural asthma remedies are a safe and effective way to get relief from your asthma symptoms such as tightness or pain in your chest, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Natural asthma remedies have been used for years for treating asthma.
Tweet: Fight for Air. Lead Healthy and Joyful Life.
"Fight for Air. Lead Healthy and Joyful Life."
Another reason for asthma sufferers to turn to natural asthma remedies is because asthma medications have a host of side effects. They contribute to yeast growth, osteoporosis, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, thinning of the skin and connective tissue, etc. They even seem to worsen asthmatic symptoms after a while or become less potent.
Natural asthma remedies do more than treat the asthma symptoms, they are used to aid the body by enhancing its own natural defense mechanisms to heal itself.
Using natural asthma remedies can reduce your reliance on bronchodilators (inhalers), antihistamines and corticosteroids (steroids), reduce symptoms of coughing, wheezing or difficulty breathing.
Top 5 Natural Asthma Remedies:
1. Magnesium - Magnesium helps stabilize the mast cell and relax muscles, so it functions as both an anti-inflammatory nutrient and as a bronchodilator.
2. Supplement with Omega 3 essential fatty acids - natural anti-inflammatory substance, gentle treatment that slowly over time helps the body repair tissue damage.
3. Take a high quality Probiotic - Probiotics can help your body heal asthma from within
4. Vitamin C & E - Vitamin C works as a gentle antihistamine without the side effect s of medications. They have potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Vitamin E penetrates each cell's fatty membrane and protects the cell from damage.
5. Turmeric - Turmeric is a perennial herb of the ginger family used as an anti-inflammatory agent.
Nutritional deficiencies are an important key to beginning to heal asthma. Nutrient supplements target asthma at a cellular level, where things first go wrong.
If you are dealing with the challenges of asthma (as increasing numbers of people are these days!), don't think that potentially dangerous medications are your only choice.
Because when you help your body naturally from within and support it in addressing some of the underlying factors behind asthma, you can feel a dramatic difference in your symptoms.
To claim your FREE copy of "How To Drastically Reduce Your Asthma Symptoms or Even Eliminate them... 
in Just 14 Days" head on over right now to:

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How to Apply Passport in Madurai

Passport is an important document to go anywhere around the world. Without passport, we can't go away from our country. Here the steps given below for "How to Apply Passport in Madurai".

One can apply for Passport through Online Registration, after doing online registration, get the print out of application form. click here for the details for Online Registration. Apart from this, applicant can submit directly to the respective passport office/DPCs/Speed post centers, get the relevant application form by clicking here.

The Passport Application Form is Machine Readable. So we have to follow the instructions as given below:
  • Use Capital Letters. Particulars given in the form will be printed in the passport. Therefore, please be careful in filling up the form and avoid any mistakes.
  • Use black/blue ball pen only
  • Do not fill the form with pencils or ink-pen.
  • While filling up the boxes, kindly leave one box blank after each completed word.
  • Write clearly within the box without touching the boundaries.
  • Adjust the information to fit within the number of given boxes.
  • Do not write anything outside the box.  Avoid over-writing
  • Incomplete application will not be accepted.
Column wise Guidelines for filling the application form can be had from here.
All original documents are to be shown at the time of submission of the passport application form. With the Original Passport Application Form, self-attested copies of all required documents need to be attached. 
Illiterate applicants should put only thumb impression in the box meant for thumb impression/signature. In case an applicant has stayed at more than one address during the last one year, he/she should furnish two additional photocopies of the PP form for each additional place of stay.
For Online Registration, the applicant has to submit the print out of the application form along with the required documents to the respective passport office in the appointment date and the time printed
Apart from this Passport Applications can be submitted at
  1. The counter of the Passport office
  2. The Speed Post centers
  3. District Passport Cells
  4. Passport Collection Centers
An application for a passport may be submitted personally OR through a representative (any close member of the family or recognized travel agent(s) only) carrying an authority letter.
For Urgent Passport: Refer Tatkaal Scheme in case if applicant needs the passport urgently.
Fee Structure: Refer Fee Structure for the fees to be submitted.
Check List: Refer Check List for the required documents to be submitted along with the application form.
To check the Status of your Passport: Click Here
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Vodafone Offers 100MB Free Data for Diwali

Vodafone India has introduced a special Diwali offer that gives users 100MB of free data on the day of the festival lights - November 11.
To avail of the Vodafone Diwali offer, subscribers need to SMS 'Diwali' to 199. The move is ostensibly to support a 'silent Diwali', and the company in an emailed statement said the free data could be used to send Diwali e-greetings and browse the Web. The offer is available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
Speaking about this gesture, Sunil Sood - Managing Director and CEO, Vodafone India said, "At Vodafone, we are driven with the singular objective of delivering superior experience to our customers. Data is increasingly driving usage pattern, more so during important festivals like Diwali. Offering free data on Diwali is our way of gratifying our valued 188 million customers for their love and trust in the brand and our service experience. We take this opportunity to wish all our customers Happy Diwali and will continue to delight them with such differentiated offerings in the days to come."
Vodafone India in late October announced it will launch its 4G services in Kolkata by the end of 2015. Earlier in October, Vodafone said it will launch 4G services in the Delhi-NCR region by December. The company had earlier announced December as the 4G services launch period for its Mumbai and Kerala circles as well.
Vodafone had first announced a December rollout time-frame in August, following Airtel's launch of its 4G services the same month.

Lily Aldridge To Wear The $2 Million Fireworks Fantasy Bra

Supermodel Lily Aldridge has been tapped to wear $2 million in jewel-encrusted lingerie at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show later this month.
The 29-year-old is set to wear this year's "Fireworks Fantasy Bra," which was designed by Mouawad Jewelry and features more than 6500 gems in 18-karat gold.
The fashion house made the announcement Monday morning on its Instagram page.
"Thousands of diamonds. 18K gold. $2 million. Introducing the 2015 Fireworks #VSFantasyBra, worn by @lilyaldridge & designed by @mouawadjewelry. Watch them light up the #VSFashionShow runway Dec. 8, 10/9c on @CBS," the company wrote on Insta.
Aldridge added a couple of photos to her own page, writing, "I can't believe it's finally been announced!!!! Thank you so much @VictoriasSecret @Ed_Razek & Monica Mitro for this amazing honor!!!! I love you all so much."
The model, who is married to Kings of Leon star Caleb Followill, spent part of her day following the announcement at the Santa Monica, Calif., Victoria's Secret store to sign autographs.

The Fireworks Fantasy Bra took Mouawad more than 685 hours to make, and she'll show it off on the runway next week, when the show tapes on Nov. 10 at the Lexington Armory in New York City.
Aldridge follows the likes of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen, along with Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio, who both wore wore the jewels on the runway last year.
Selena Gomez, The Weekend and Rihanna will all perform at this year's show, which is its 20th anniversary.
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